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Hearing Aid Clinic
Senior Hearing Tests
Hearing Aid Services

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We will work to improve your quality of life through better hearing health

Your First Visit

Learn about the signs of hearing loss, and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Find out everything you need to know about getting fitted for your new hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Products and Accessories

Browse our selection of hearing aids and decide which one's features match your lifestyle.

Newest Hearing Aids

Silk IX-008 copy.jpg

Silk Charge&GO IX

Meet Silk Charge&Go IX - so small and subtle, it blends seamlessly into your life, empowering you to participate fully without drawing attention to your hearing aid.

Pure C&G-004 copy.jpg

Signia Charge&Go IX

Our ground-breaking Integrated Xperience architecture in a small, sleek RIC device with hassle-free rechargeability.

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